Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shopping List for iPhone App Review

Here is my weekly shopping routine that I repeat without fail. I text my husband on his way home from work to pick up eggs, milk, bread ……. and in the process I leave off 5 things that I really needed and end up having him bring home white bread when I wanted wheat.  Sound familiar? An app has changed my routine now forever. The shopping list app lets you easily create and share a list of all the main grocery items that you shop for. You can specify the amount, type and price (because my hubby always overpays).

One of my favorite features is the dropbox sync feature between devices. Here is a screenshot:

You can also just text or email the app also lets you tap the screen and automatically cross off the items you put in your cart. 

You can get the app here:

Shopping list is one of my staple apps and a must have for Mommy bloggers.


Anonymous said...
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Lulu Soler said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the give away! This app looks great. I have one on my phone too - I love it! I was always losing my lists or forgetting them :)

Keep in touch, Following you too!
XO Lulu

Unknown said...

Thanks for saying hi Lulu! XO

ella coman said...

Now I just have to get this app.
The price detail is a must, I always marvel at what my boyfriend will pay when I send him to do the market :)

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