Saturday, December 29, 2012

Puppet Pals 2 App Review

There is nothing cuter than a puppet show put on by your kids. I remember the detail and work I went to putting on puppet shows as a kid. Such sweet memories. Times are a little different now. Instead of Popsicle stick puppets, Puppet Pals 2 lets your kids create fully animated cartoons with custom recorded audio and movements. Here are some of the super cool features:

• Characters walk and talk!
• Use your own photos for heads!
• Fully pose-able limbs!
• Ride a wide variety of vehicles (camels, giraffes, planes, cars and more)
• Tons of musical soundtracks to set the mood
• Explore different terrains and settings
• Experience low gravity on the moon

You can check out screenshots my personal creation that includes an astronaut in an airplane in a western town here:

It is also a fantastic educational tool for story-boarding and even history reports. I guarantee your child will score an A with a report from the Puppet Pals 2 app. The app is built for both iPhone and iPad but make sure you experience on iPad if you can. You can save these amazing recorded cartoons and share them online.

Get my newest favorite app here:

or visit the Puppet Pals 2 website here:

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