Friday, November 2, 2012

SchoolInfoApp App review

I am a very busy Mama with kids attending 2 different schools on 3 different schedules. I have a mountain of papers and magnets on my fridge and still don't know what is going on at the schools. I know what is going on on my phone and media though...Crazy, I know!

Schoollnfo App is a step up for schools teams and schedules for the future. It is custom-tailored for K-12 schools with one "click" communication tool for parents, students alumni and fans. Features include calendars, contact, docs, picks, quick links and more. The unique Fundraiser is a wonderful tool for your school too. 

Schoollnfo App is your School App customized with your school logo and color. Users also can send Email to any team or group. The map to the event is one of my favorite features. Contact a teacher or go to a website with one click. View pictures of each sports team. The document folder is amazing. You can easily access forms, documents and materials.

I highly recommend that you get this App and ask your school to get Schoollnfo App. It is a tool for schools to improve the communication and organization of the curriculum.
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This App would be helpful with my son!

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