Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas coloring book App review

I evaluate apps on 1. Cuteness, 2. Fun and 3. Usability. Yes yes, cuteness is the first of my criteria! Christmas Coloring Book ranks high in all 3. It’s not Christmas time yet but I just love Christmas and I am thinking about it more than Thanksgiving.  

I will be putting my tree up the day after Thanksgiving and I am not wasting one second!  I am getting ready to bring some fun and magic to my kids, and I chose this wonderful Christmas coloring book App.  Many hours for your kids finger painting and coloring. 

Making art is so fun!  This App is very easy to use for all ages. You have 60 colors and I really love having so many colors, then you have the bucket filling tool, brush and eraser. You can magnify the picture to fill in details and save up your picture in the gallery or save on your photo album. Tweet it or Tumblr it.  Email it to relatives. 

Lots of coloring  pages to select and a practical gallery to save your creations.

It's great on iPhone and really great on iPad!

I hope you will enjoy Christmas time to the fullest and share this App with your good and naughty ones.  I am very excited about Noel!
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Leslie said...

This is just adorable and such a great idea. ..I miss having little ones for this sort of thing :)

Unknown said...

This is very cute!

Unknown said...

I like it too and Christmas is around the corner. Thanks

Unknown said...

I will check it out, i like coloring pages. Great review Isabelle and have a great week!

Unknown said...

I just found your blog. Gosh you are so beautiful. It looks like a great App.
See you later,

Unknown said...

I am exited for Christmas!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the comments! It's super cute! I love the App!

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