Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zacky is an Havanese dog

We got Zacky at the pound few years ago and i thought he was a Maltese mix. Well he is not!
Yesterday i was paying a visit to a friend and i could not believe it! She had my dog. It was another Zacky! She had another one in black and white and they totally acted like my boy! He is a Havanese Dog known in France as a Bichon Havanais.
I am so glad i know now because i love the little guy so much i would get another one like him if he was gone. Here are so pictures of him with long and short hair.

To tell you a little bit about his great personality: He is wonderful with children. He loves to cuddle and play. He is calm when you want him to and playful when you want him too. He knows a lot of tricks and is very smart. Shake, roll, dance, etc...
He loves other animals, including cats and tries to play with them and cuddle. My Cats think he his weird and nuts but they learned to adore him and will play with him. He is very good also with chickens and would herd them back in their coop when we had them. He will warn you when someone is at the door but he is not aggressive.


High Heeled Life said...

Zacky is adorable!! Our furbabies are priceless members of our family!! xo HHL

Our French Inspired Home said...

So cute. Our neighbor has two Havanese, and I always have to stop and say hi to them when they walk by. Such cute little guys.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Who is he! So sweet.
Love from India.

Thanks for the sweet comments at my blog earlier. Will definitely come by and link up :)

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness.. Zack is adorable :) I am a total dog lover...well ALL animals and now that the kids are older, my two english springers are like my kids. Animals add so much to a home.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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