Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Delicious, addictive Mexican corn recipe

Just in case you missed it last week. I have been craving and making this recipe. A must have in your side dish to plan!

Mexican corn recipe

Corn on the cob,
Grated Cheese of choice...Mozzarella (Italian version), Gruyere (French version), Cheddar (American version), Asiago (Mexican).

First, make your kids peel the corn. LOL

Boil for 15 minutes or when the grains are tender when pocked with a fork.

Spread Mayo on the hot corn with a knife. Then sprinkle with grated cheese, it will melt...Yummy and super addictive i warn you!
I like the Pepper and olive oil Mayo too when i want it a little bit hot.

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Leslie said...

Omg! This looks delicious! Darling picture of the kiddos :). What great helpers they are!

deila taylor said...

This is a big hit with my teenager. My Latina daughter-in-law has made it for us. She uses Mexican sour cream, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, salt, and a little chili powder. Boy does it make a mess to eat though! But it always smells so good.

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