Monday, August 6, 2012

Lately in my life

soleil is growing very fast and loves the camera.

My African violet is re-blooming. Witch makes me so happy because i never had any flower inside my house re-bloom. The arrangement is doing great too.

Before and after so far.

My banana peppers are doing great and we had the best fajitas ever!

I finely met in person some great friends at the Parade of Homes. Jennifer and Cobi.

My Fairy started Kindergarten.

She is a Mommy's girl. She started saying Mama, Baba and Mimi (her big sister).

Zacky loves having a baby sister at the house. He love dirty diaper and binky chewing.

It is still summer and we keep busy with crafts and picnics. See Fun summer activity for young children.

What have you been up to?


Debby said...

Sweet pictures. The baby is getting so big. She is sure a cutie pie.
It's been a busy, hot summer here. Ready for fall temperatures and fun times.

Princess Kate said...

Love your photos. Your daughters are precious. Thanks for sharing.

ireminisces said...

Hey I like the cute baby and chilli pics well done.

Pop over some time to read my latest story..

Something Special said...

I love visiting here. I have been so busy with parties, I haven't visited for a while. Your girls are all so cute!

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