Monday, August 13, 2012

Coastal Fireflies jar craft for kids

My 12 year old wanted this Coastal theme for her Firefly jar. If you read my Fun summer activity for young children article, you will remember the firefly jar activity. If you do not have the little bugs where you live, this craft should be in your to do list. Most people have the supply for this craft. Making it very cheap.

You will need
A Mason Jar,
3 Star fish,
Net ribbon,
1 stick,
Hot glue gun,
Parchment paper,
White pipe cleaner,
Glow in the dark paint,
Sea glass color paint

This is how you make the fireflies. Cut you parchment paper in the shape of a peanut.Twist your white pipe piece and wrap it around the smaller part. Paint with glow in the dark the tail part. Let dry.

She painted one star with the glow in the dark paint and the other with the sea glass color paint. Let dry.

To assemble. Place your sand, then hot glue your bugs on stick and inside of the jar. Add the stick.

Hot glue a piece of ribbon on the top of the jar to cover it and around the lid. Glue also the 3 star fish.

Coastal firefly jar craft

At night.
I have more jars coming up. All my kids wanted different jars. Their tastes and interests are all very different.

Ideas are my own and copyrighted
Isabelle Thornton

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Chyrel Gomez said...

The stars are too cute! =)

ireminisces said...

thx for sharing.

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birthday party ideas for kids said...

Very nice done! Idea is great and stars are fantastic!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

this is so beautiful! love the fireflies!


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The CSI Girl said...

Following you from Wednesday blog hop. This is so pretty.
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DoubleTheLove! said...

Too cute! Great idea if you have no fireflies nearby. sadly, us :( Lol. Thanks!

Unknown said...

What an adorable idea - love the stars!

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