Thursday, July 5, 2012

Soleil's baby blessing

Hubby gave Soleil her baby blessing at Church Sunday.
She doesn't know yet but she is getting nice pictures done by me and she will need to smile big...Yes, i have big expectations. LOL
The blessing was very special. My husband did not know but a part of it was from my Patriarchal blessing. He was very inspired. 
My BFF had her baby's blessing the same Sunday, it was a very busy and fun time.


highheeledlife said...

Congratulations to baby Soleil!! What a wonderful first step for her. Can't wait to see the photos are a brilliant photographer!

Soleil is getting tall and what a lovely smile ...she is truly a blessings herself. Wishing you a very special week. xo HHL

P.S. Mon ami you look fabulous! xo

Life Happens said...

What a special day for her. That's awesome that your hubby was so inspired by the spirit. :)

Can't wait to see the pictures.

Debby said...

But she looks so cute without smiling, hah.

Cindy Adkins said...

Congratulations!!! Soleil is beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Your babygirl is adorable. Congrats!

Lynn said...

Beautiful! Love that your husband was so inspired. I hope that you were able to record some of it down into Soleil's baby book. She will love to read it when older.

Cranberry Morning said...

What a sweet photo of you two!

Something Special said...

Loved your post. And congratulations to beautiful baby Soleil

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the comments!! You guys are so sweet!

Vivian said...

And that's how you know the gospel is real and so is the priesthood. I can just imagine how you felt as you heard him speak. Soleil is gorgeous and I LOVE her name.

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