Monday, July 9, 2012

Sillies from my Cell phone edited with Bonbon filter

My Smiling baby  is so cute!

Hiking, Utah has many canyons. Perfect hiking spots, with many water falls.

She is sipping from a straw! Jumba juice.

Just keep swimming...Just keep swimming

Always nice when baby is sleeping when the kids are swimming.
Let's have a good week!


Debby said...

Such a cutie pie. Little Fiary is getting so tall. Love seeing all your children.

Unknown said...

Thank you Debby! You are the best!

Something Special said...

One can see that you truly have the good life. Darling family, the church and you get to live in Utah! I love being from Utah, and am glad I at least live close. Love your posts! Thanks for your linky party.

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Such lovely photos!, Thanks for sharing them. I just joined your blog...See you soon on Blogger...SM

squidword said...

Oh my goodness what a beauty! How precious baby! Are all those kids yours? You all look great, you are so lucky<3

Stacey said...

gorgeous pics and such a beautiful baby!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much guys!

Unknown said...

C'est vraiment un petit rayon de Soleil ! Qu'est-ce qu'elle est souriante et heureuse d'être venue au monde ! (comme sa maman étant petite..)

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