Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lately from my iphone App, bonbon filter and KSL Blogger's meet

Some cute little girl is now playing with her toys, rolling around, eating mashed bananas. She is 4 1/2 months.

My Fairy is exited for preschool.

My first 4 flowers. I planted millions of Zinnias and wild flowers in my front yard. I only see millions of weeds. It is like faith. You just have to be patient. 

Zacky our maltese. Did you know that a shaved Maltese looks like a chihuahua? Now you do. 

Lately , incognito. Doing my hair and makeup is a luxury. Sporting an Iron man T-shirt that should only be worn inside...The baby takes all my time.

But tonight i will look good. I have been invited to a blogger's meet with the whole KSL team. Wish me luck!

iphone pictures edited with Bonbon filter


Sparkle and Co said...

You look very young. Your children are beautiful. Your daughter looks like his father ;)
Have a nice day. Bisous

Unknown said...

Thank you sweetie!

Cranberry Morning said...

Good luck at the blogger's meet. Sounds interesting. Be sure to tell us all about it!

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