Monday, June 4, 2012

25 ways to look good on Facebook

Some people are only on Facebook to brag. I think i should name Facebook, Facebrag. If you are like me and have nothing to brag about (alright, except for the kids and crafts...) maybe you should start faking it. Here are some great ideas to make you feel good about yourself.

Crop and cut the top and you are in Hawaii, California or Florida...Mmmmmmm

1-If you can't cook: Next time your friends gives you a meal or treat. Take a picture of it and post it. People will think you cooked it and you will feel better about yourself.

2-No vacation in 10 years? No problem. Go to the lake and take pictures of the kids in the sand. Oh the possibilities if you have photoshop or can crop a picture!

3-Loosing weight? No biggie. Photoshop can shrink you too! Or no pictures attached. They won't know.

4-Just brag about how wonderful your marriage is, a poem, anything cheesy. I heard that people who do that have a terrible marriage but who knows? You will look good.

5-Make sure to have your birthday in the system. So you can have people leave a happy Birthday. So you can say thank you to everyone and will get a lot of attention. Thanks by the way. Today is my Birthday. I appreciate all the comments and i love you all. I love to be 27. (cough).

6-Get a trophy at the dollars store and take a picture with your kid.

7-Take a picture of a cute house and post it. They will all think it is your house so you won't feel too bad about the Foreclosure you just had.

8-Same for garden and tell how much you love your flowers. 

9-Post as many pictures of your kids as you can. Not the ones where they are crying.

10-Take pictures of yourself in very expensive clothes. Don't mention you got it at the thrift store.

11-Tag famous people in your comments.

12-Never comment on other people. You are the center of attention.

13-Take pictures of girls at any event with you. You will look like you have a lot of girl friends.

14-Take pictures of pets and post it. You have to look like you can do it all.

15-Take pictures of the food at a restaurant and tag some very expensive restaurant. They will not know the difference.

16-Become friends with as many possible people you can find in your field. Like if you are a photographer, friend all of them you come across. 

17-They all want to see how you look after 5 kids, plastic surgery and 60 hours a week at the gym. (Don't say it is not your body). Just google great bikini body and take the pic without the head or from very far or the back...

18-Oh crafts....Millions out there. Grab a picture, you made it this week-end!

19-Shout that you made ___ money this week-end with your on the side business or your husband had a raise of____.

20-Week-end gateway. Tag a cool place on Friday night. You will be back for church on Sunday, not to worry...and it was free!

21-Never, NEVER complain about ANYTHING! NO negativity.

22-Never ask questions. People never answer and the ones who would, are the closest one anyways. Just message them.

23-If someone gives you a compliment on your wall, milk it. Tag the person and try to have it last as long as you can.

24-Share a quote.

25-Re-post any good article but not political.

26-Say thank you, thank you and more thank you....oh was i supposed to stop at 25?

27-Post funny things...Ohhhhhh

Don't share this post on Facebook. It's our secret. If you can't live it, dream it! HAHAHA
I would post a picture when you feel crappy about your life and memorize this list. 
If you have more ways to add. Make sure to comment and share.
Happy Facebook.

It's really my Birthday by the way... 
Isabelle Thornton


Our French Inspired Home said...

So fake it till you make it!

Unknown said...


Debby said...

Happy Birthday xo

Unknown said...

Thank you Debby!!! Love you!!

Beansieleigh said...

LOVE this post!! I was stubborn, but finally caved. I have just recently become a member of FB.. (with a little help from Dear Daughter!) Have to admit, I like it a little better than I expected I would! (0; Best Wishes to you for a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Isabelle! ((hugs)) ~tina

Beth @A Little Country House said...

you are hilarious!people talk crazy on facebook! I agree!

Sparkle and Co said...

Happy birthday to you ma belle!!! Bisous

KatieBelle said...

Ha! I had NO IDEA that you knew my sister-in-law!! Your list covers it....I'll let you know if she comes up with anything else... ;)

Unknown said...

Haha Katie! Too funny!

Holly Lefevre said...

so true! so true! I actually have friends in real life that I do not like on Facebook - they seem to follow these rules!

Unknown said...

Another one! Start a group and ask people if they want to join. Then snob them and don't add them if they want to be in. Lol

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