Sunday, March 11, 2012

Special K Commercial 2012 Closet Like a Candy Store with "beautiful" song

I am in LOVE with this commercial, the music, studio apartment decor. The music is so darling it makes me happy.
I totally want to stencil walls now and turn a room into a candy closet. I find this stencil. What do you think ?

In red, it would match the wall in the commercial.
I heard a lot of times that your house and closet should match and represent you. Use the colors you wear on your walls. I have been thinking about my clothes lately. Do they represent my taste in home decor? 
I love black and white, Shabby chic. I am also attracted to all the colors in the rainbow.
I just love a lot of things.
If you look in the commercial. The home decor really represent her wardrobe, colorful.

So spring is calling me, I may be able to fit my clothes soon. I give myself till the end of my 6 weeks recovery to start walking 30 minutes a day till my body can handle running. I have find that running everyday is the fastest way to loose weight and shape up. I know it's not fun but after dealing with gestational diabetes, i have to brake it to you folks. You have to exercise if you don't want to have early Diabetes and cholesterol. That is just how it is. And when you hit your late 30s, your body doesn't work the same or look the same if you don't put some efforts to keep it in shape.

Oh and by the way i like the chocolatey delight special K a lot. I eat it for breakfast and it takes care of my chocolate craving for the day and helps me loose weight. Love it!

Are you ready for spring?
Hope this commercial gave you some inspiration.


highheeledlife said...

That is so great!!! I would love to find a huge (filled) closet in my closet!!! I too love Special K ~ vanilla almond ..yummy!!

Wishing you a wonderful evening! xo HHL

Melissa said...

Amen to the "nothing is the same in your late 30's."

I hit the 6 week mark yesterday... situps and pushups and walking here I come! :) Like you, I am going to take care not to have Diabetes ever ever ever again!

Maggie said...

You're right - that's a darling commercial and subliminally makes it seem like getting in shape would be a really fun thing to do!

Love your idea - you go for it. A reward for all your hard work and being real about diabetes.

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