Thursday, January 19, 2012

2 weeks more to go and i want to bleach everything. Random things like you have never seen me write.

The time has come when the house calls me for deep cleaning and germ phobia. My poor beaten body trying to clean the kitchen floor at 9 PM. Staying awake thinking about bleaching the bath tub (the baby is keeping me awake anyways, but still...). Buying a lot of Clorox scrubbing wipes and making the kids scrub everything in sight.
Washing all the baby clothes. Buying things i need for her. Diapers, wipes, Lavender baby shampoo and oil. (Babies are expensive) Having a desire for everything Lavender. 

wanting to cook recipes i know i can't eat. Like Sopapillas.
Watching delivery videos and scaring myself out. 

I had my OB appointment yesterday. Looks like everything is doing good.
They did some monitoring and checked her water. 
I was scared.
I am skinny.
I am starving.
I can't wait to finally see her face. 
I am scared of seeing her (Hope she is perfect).
I just made cookies for the kids after school.
They are very good. The crumbs were good.

Glad it is not snowing in the Valley. I don't want to drive in the snow even if it is 5 minutes away to pick the kids after school.

Letting you know that my blog is not a cooking blog. It's just the only thing i think about these day. Food and it shows.
My craft supplies are still in boxes somewhere and it is driving me nuts.
I just find my maternity clothes. 2 weeks before delivery. Yes. Don't move when you are sick and pregnant. Big NO NO
I am happy, i have cute and comfortable clothes now. Hahaha

Wow, that was random!


Unknown said...

You are so cute. Can't wait to see this baby. Ash and I are going out today. Maybe we will find some cute things for her. We have had a lot of freezing rain and I don't drive when it's like this, but it has cleared up this afternoon.

Julie Harward said...

It is so exciting to think of that sweet spirit and what she must be going through before she leaves her Heavenly Father, perhaps some last minute teaching helps?! It will all be well..just enjoy every moment! :D

Grammy Goodwill said...

I've been thinking about you as my daughter is due shortly after you - Feb. 12. She, too, is in a cleaning mood, except she's trying to get me to do it! I have my own mess to deal with. I told her I'd clean after the baby was born. (Hidden motive - some time with that precious bundle of joy.) Hang in there.

Life Happens said...

You are nesting in full force! Can't wait to see baby!

Cranberry Morning said...

So soon! But I think I'd stay away from that bleach. Can't be good, can it? Fun to read this post. Glad you found the maternity clothes, even if it was a bit late. lol Be save and take care.♥

highheeledlife said...

This baby is going to be so loved! Just like your wonderful children!! Can't wait !! xo HHL

Chyrel Gomez said...

Hope you have a safe delivery! :)

Jenny said...

Blessings to you Isa, for all you are doing to ensure your precious girl's health and well being.

Melissa said...

My dh told me I was seriously nesting... I told him it was necessity-ing. I feel like everything needs to be ready so I can spend the next little while snuggling a baby and not feeling guilty! I'm down to about 10 days, hoping I go before they induce... and then SO READY to eat again! I'm thankful I don't have diabetes all the time. Hope you continue to be well and your little girls arrival is smooth!

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