Monday, January 31, 2011

I wrecked the car

I wreck the car Friday. I am a very good driver and this accident was bad luck.
I was on the freeway by myself. with a lot of traffic. Tried to change lane when the car in front of me stopped. I hit his car. We were not going too fast. The driver in front hit his head and was bleeding. I was Ok. I felt horrible for him.
I have sore hips and a tummy ache. I am going to the Doctor this morning just for checking.
I was very calm through the whole things. You know in life, when you go through very hard things. At one point, things don't affect you as much. It is just another problem. Let's go through it.
This is how i feel. I am too tired to make a big fuss about it.
I hope it is called being wiser. LOL

At least i have San Fransisco this week end. That's a good thing...

When i try to make the bed and clean up....This is what i found...Tommy on my pillow...Thanks bud....

French Obsession tomorrow !
Let's party and have a giveaway !

Friday, January 28, 2011

San Francisco. Kmart and Chictopia !

I am so exited to go to San Francisco ! Thanks to you and your votes, i will get my ticket and hotel paid for. a flip cam, a $300 Kmart gift card, personal styling by the Kmart Apparel and Chictopia team, and a private dinner hosted by the Kmart Apparel and Chictopia team. 

My blog will be featured on Stylesip AND i will get a chance to blog for Stylesip! Stylesip will also promote the winning blogs on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  
So i get to hang out with the Chictopia team ! How cool is that !
I am dreaming !!

Another news !!!
I am on Twitter !

If you want to be part of the conversations and fun ! Follow me on Twitter !
My name on twitter is Frenchychateau

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winner on Chictopia !

I won the Chictopia winter Wonderland contest ! They had 3 winners and i am number 3 !
The prizes are so exiting and i am not worthy !!!

Thank you , Thank you so much for all of you who voted for me ! 
I could not have done it without you !!!
It is going to be a fun trip !

What i like about it...real fashion from real people.

A 3 year old taking pictures...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow at Fablehaven

It snowed yesterday. The animals don't like it at all. They want to stay inside. We have been dealing with the 3 year old throwing up. Hubby going to Taiwan for work.
Scouts, Gymnastics. So busy !
My creative juices are very slow right now. 
I have been reading a lot and trying to get a good sleeping habit.

The fourth book of Fablehaven by Brandon Mull, secrets of the dragon sanctuary is exiting ! Kendra and Seth    kept me entertained and surprised. Very big treachery in this book made me so mad at the end.
My applauds to Brandon Mull for his imagination and writing.
I never got bored from beginning to end !
I took the picture of the book in the snow....Perfect time to read it now....Wait....I read it yesterday and it was snowing....I think this book has some magic with the weather has i read it. Maybe some of the magic in the book is rubbing on me ? Hahaha
I started reading the last book and i don't want it to end....It's too good !
Keep warm !

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello Kitty or sexy kitten !

Utah is warming up ! We played outside ! YAY
I think my girl steals the show ! LOL
I am wearing a cute Hello kitty shirt from Forever 21.
The hair is playful....What really pulls it off and make it sexy are the heels !!!
Have a great week !!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

And the rain was falling

I read the 3rd book of the Fablehaven series. Grip of the Shadow plague in one day/night.
I was going to go to be and it started raining outside as i was reading. If you have read the book. You will understand why it was perfect for it. The "Mesa part" with the rain made it so real. I could not stop. 3 Hours later i finished it and was hungry for the 4th book.
Library, here i come !
Incredible story, fun. Love the action, the magic. A must read. I am so picky with what i read and get bored so easily ! I was happily surprised !
You have to read those books !

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boy baby shower or baptism blue cake

This is a perfect blue cake for a baby boy shower or baptism...I got it for Target...No kidding !
This is a great inspiration for me because it is very easy to make and you could even put fake blue flowers to make it easier.
If you have not see my Marie Antoinette Birthday party and cake tutorial . Check the cake...Looks familiar right.?  LOL.
Very easy to do now, for a boy or girl !

Friday, January 21, 2011


I have been dreaming of a Masquerade party.
I love those masks.
I think it would be fun to make some...
What do you think ?
Have you had a Masquerade party before ?

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frost inspiration

Pictures are Frenchy copyrighted

The past 3 weeks have been Frosty in Utah.
Under 20 degrees.
I have been Hibernating and reading books.
Not too much to do when it is so cold.

These pictures were inspired by "Frost"
I used white and Turquoise blue eye shadow. Chapstic with white eye shadow. I am wearing a wig in the picture. Not for everyday use of course but a white Headband or cute white hat would look great...For the clothes...
Whites, flowy .

Have you been hibernating ?
If you did not, tell me where you live. I may be moving where you live.
Have a great day !

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going back to school, what do you think ?

I am going back to school. I pretty much finished College in Paris. I did Business and communication.
It's been a lot of years and interests and obviously, life is not the same.
I want to go back to school and was thinking about taking an English writing class and photography ?
What do you think. Do you have an idea of something i would be good at and should consider ?
You all know me very well by now...I want the "light bulb idea".
Love you guys!

My fairy and hamster trouble...

Yeah, not done....Please vote for me !!! Chictopia on Facebook.
It takes 1 click and they don't ask you for your Email or anything....

Bracelets for Dominic

One of my personal friend's little boy has Cancer.
She is having a fundraiser for Dominic at her friend's work and they are going to sell bracelets, called "Dominic's Beads". 
The event is on Feb. 12th and they need a lot of bracelets. 
If anyone is interested in making some bracelets and donating them, that would be great. They need them before the 12th of Feb. 

Send them to P.O. Box 264, Loveland, CO 80539. 

Could you guys also keep him in your prayers. Thank you :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I keep reading...

I read the second book of the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. I have been reading this book very fast like the first one. Rise of the Evening star is very good. Lots of suspense, action. The characters are still so interesting and fun ! Great Fantasy story !
I borrowed the books from the library although, i would love to own them all....
Now...the 3rd book....I am sure it is good !

Please vote for me on facebook for the Chictopia contest. I am a finalist. Le Chateau des fleurs. I have the red coat with the ruffle dress.
It takes 1 click and they ask you for nothing else.
Have a good day !!

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Monday, January 17, 2011


The best "spider girl is trying to help"

The best "Trying to look cool with hubby and kid, vacuum and cleanex in the back ground."

Best of "I hope you are not on the counter trying to get the cake"

Best of "Legos are an Art"

The END !

I only kept one of my resolutions and it was a private one.
Resolutions are hard. 
I decided to focus on the things that i have going for me this year and focus on them. 
 My resolution is to focus this year on the positive. 

Do you have Resolutions for this New Year?
How did you do with last year?

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter wonderland contest. I need your vote on Facebook ! Takes 2 seconds !

I am on the front page of Chictopia.....See the girl with the red coat on the top of the page !
I am so surprised !
I am a finalist for their Winter Wonderland contest.
I need your help to win !
The voting is on Facebook and it is very easy !
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chictopia finalist ! I can't believe it !!! Please vote for me !!! Please ! Takes 2 seconds

Do you guys remember when i met Nienie ?
I was wearing this outfit !
I have been playing at Chictopia and entered their Winter Wonderland contest...Guess what ! I am so surprised ! I am a finalist !

PLEASE vote for me on Facebook Here !!!!
Please ! This is very fun for me ! 
Tell your friends on Facebook to vote for me too ! PLEASE !
Yeah, i am really begging...LOL


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In December we did a "Bird inspiration" Photo shoot.

Silly girl Award from me. To the best and silliest girl...Simone,
Who climbs in trees with me on a cold Saturday morning...With little kids behind the scene.

Check the Silly girls United on Facebook where i have been playing. A bunch of fun and Silly girls who meet and do photo shoots !
Shenanigans Website : Find the Themes and all about it !

Don't forget to vote for me on CHictopia Facebook. They don't ask your email, just one click !
I am a finalist in their winter wonderland contest.
Please help me !

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Mindy Gledhill Valentine concert in Provo

*wink * *wink * To the husbands :)
I think sharing this with them would be a clue ~ LOL

Mindy Gledhill will be at the Valentine's concert at the Velour live music gallery in Provo.February 12 !!!
You can buy the tickets at Blue Morph Music store.

Now that's ROMANTIQUE !!!!

Love Mindy Gledhill blog and new haircut ! Check it out !

Sweet Awards and more about me.

Got this Award Stylish Blogger Award from  BIRD/LIKE and My little blogspot.
Thank you so much !

Now 7 things about me:
  1. I love Licorice.
  2. I love Fantasy books and movies.
  3. I need at least 10 hours of sleep.
  4. I love wearing flannel and fleece PJs in Winter.
  5. I am not a spender. I like to look at things in the store a lot but not necessarily buy them.
  6. I love Organic food and things.
  7. I met my husband at Church.

Blogs/bloggers i recently discovered and love:

Here are the rules....Accept the Award by living a comment. Tell who gave you the Award. 7 things about you. Pass the Award to other blogs and tell them you gave them an Award.
Share the love and it comes back to you !

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Best Awards...More funny pictures

The best "i will follow the tablecloth and sleep on it everywhere !"

The best of "if you go on a date at night, you get night pictures"

The best " i take my brother's feet pictures when Mom is in the shower"

The best " My bro takes pretty pictures when Mom is in the shower"

The best " I am the only one to dress up (pirate) at an Halloween dressing up party" 

The best " Hi, how are you up there ?!"

The best " He makes faces even in family pictures"

The best " i pooped in my bed so they gave me the only one available"

The best vampire pumpkin

The best "This princess really scares me"

The best "i hide and when they least expect it, i jump on them"

The best "she got me a pink bed"

The best " something is up to get you"

The best Hula hoop hanger

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