Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frost inspiration

Pictures are Frenchy copyrighted

The past 3 weeks have been Frosty in Utah.
Under 20 degrees.
I have been Hibernating and reading books.
Not too much to do when it is so cold.

These pictures were inspired by "Frost"
I used white and Turquoise blue eye shadow. Chapstic with white eye shadow. I am wearing a wig in the picture. Not for everyday use of course but a white Headband or cute white hat would look great...For the clothes...
Whites, flowy .

Have you been hibernating ?
If you did not, tell me where you live. I may be moving where you live.
Have a great day !


Vi said...

Very pretty but looks chilly. :D Hope you are enjoying your hibernation.

highheeledlife said...

Yes, I have been hibernating since we returned from our trip in South America (almost 2 weeks ago). I'm so ready for the warmth that follows spring.... ready to say good bye to Mr. Grumpy Winter...

Beautiful images!!!xo HHL

Silvia C said...

Very cool, French dear. I live in Utah as well, so oh yes, I've been hibernating for sure. However, this year I tried cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, which helps me sort of, kind of love the snow a tad more (I used to hate it, not any more). Love the pics!

lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

Very Cool, have you though of putting yourself on model file with a talent scout or with an advertising agency. Just a suggestion.

Lisa xx

Blondie's Journal said...

Very pretty pictures, Frenchy. It is really cold here, too, but I am trying to hang in there!


Theresa MacNaughton said...

What a beautiful wintry look! We've been very cold here - and we're expecting more snow tomorrow. The winter is never-ending - but at least I'm getting a lot done! :) Theresa

Teresa @ Multi-FacetMom said...
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Teresa @ Multi-FacetMom said...

Following you from the fun follow Friday!

Julie Harward said...

You look like a beautiful frosty queen! I am partly hibernating..some days are warmish and some cold and windy, no snow though! :D

Susan said...

yes hibernating :) lots of snow, and now freezing rain and sleet. YUK! I'm at the NJ shore.

I apologize for being remiss, I rec'd the lovely Kritter Kommunity and keep forgetting to come post and thank you. it is going to our daughter who recently moved out and has a new "indoor-only" kitty!
Hope all is well with you and yours :)
Happy New Year!

Pip444 said...

Hi there
I am your newest follower. Found you on Fun Follow Friday. I hope you will swing by and follow my blog
Thx Lilac

MikiHope said...

I am a new follower from Simply Stacy and WeeView Friday Hop.
I live in NY (near the city) and it has been a horrible winter--cold, snowy, cold, snowy--I wish I could hibernate all winter and read---alas---
Michele aka MikiHope

B said...

Beautiful! I have been hibernating up here in Alberta too....*shiver*

~ ~

~Isabel said...

Very beautiful, Frenchy, very, very beautiful.

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