Saturday, December 3, 2011

Garlic mashed potatoes recipe

Garlic mashed potatoes recipe
You will need:
1 potato per person.
1 garlic head (for 5 potatoes)
olive oil,
butter, (desire amount. i like 1 tablespoon)
1/2 cup Milk, (more if wanted)

Wash your potatoes and boil them with the skin until tender to the fork.
Let cool,
when cool, peel the potatoes. Add mashed garlic (recipe below), butter and milk.
Add cheese if wanted.

Mashed garlic
Cut the "top" of the garlic head, pour enough olive oil to saturate the garlic cloves.
Roast in an oven tin until garlic is caramelized.
When still warm. Push out and peel cloves out of shell.


Blondie's Journal said...

I have had these in restaurants, but never knew how to make them. Roasting the garlic seems to be the key! Delicious...thank you, Frenchy!!


Cranberry Morning said...

I recently had garlic mashed potatoes, but they had also thrown in sour cream. Oh my, were those good! Thanks for the idea. Hope all's well with you.

Katherines Corner said...

Oh these look delish, We make these too. I love roaswted garlic!, thank you for sharing, yummy... Have you tried adding chopped green onions? Hugs!! P.S> have you added your lovely blog to my new blog list page? Don't forget to enter the tis the season giveaway when you stop :-)

Unknown said...

Katherine, my recipe is a "basic".
You can add green onions, bacon, herbs...anything you like :)

Unknown said...

And sour cream of course...More butter...

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