Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The three Musketeers movie

I heard a lot of bad reviews about this movie and i have to say... I loved this movie. This is an action movie.
Milla Jovovich is hot. Orlando bloom is hot.
The story line is well known but with some surprises.
Loved it!



Roux said...

Orlando Bloom is always hot, isn't he! Thanks for your recommendation. I'll try and be sure and check it out if it comes my way.
Peace and Plenty for your Thanksgiving season, my dear!

Roux said...

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Sorry I forgot to switch back over to PPS before leaving my comment!

Unknown said...

Merci pour visiter mon blog! My husband is French, from Nantes. We spent a month between there and Cahors this summer, but only breezed through Paris. You have a lovely blog and I'm wishing you strength and an attitude positive through the rest of your pregancny! Bon Chance!

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