Friday, June 10, 2011

17 Miracles movie by T.C. Christensen review

I made a promess to myself that i would not cry during the movie.
The first lines of the movie got to me...."It is a true story".The story of 2 handcart companies, 500 people coming from Europe to have religious freedom.
This story was full of joy, faith, hope and miracles.
I believe that in the worst of times, the greatest miracles happen if you believe. This movie really touch me and gave me strength. To never give up. Whatever happens in my life.
My husband's ancestors on both sides. Mom and Dad were pioneers. Some came in the handcart companies and some with wagons. They all share in their journals incredible stories that god was with them.
I would encourage anyone to see this movie.
Great History and inspiration. A feel good movie.
Have you heard of the pioneers? Maybe some of you are related to them?
Happy Week end!

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Connie said...

My parents went to this movie and loved it! I haven't read real good reviews about it but I want to see it. I'm glad you told us your thoughts. The story itself is amazing in every way.

Michelle Lee said...

I want to watch this too

Plush Possum Studio said...

Okay, now we HAVE to see this one!!!! Had not seen it before. It sounds uplifting, and I could use an uplift right now.

Jacqueline said...

I haven't heard of it but will be sure to see it and get the family to see it too so they can understand the sacrifices their ancestors made. Thanks for letting us know about it. I can't even imagine! We whine about our hardships and they are nothing in comparison.

Jacqueline said...

Oh, I forgot, I thought of you as we enjoyed every second in Paris! I think Paris is the most beautiful city in the whole world and we felt so welcome there, everyone was just lovely and ultra helpful! You are blessed to call that your home!


I'm going to get this movie, I love everything pertaining to my country...the USA. On my mother's side of the family her ancestors fought in revolution times against the Spaniards fought and died, it's also sad, but hey! they're our heroes! My dad was Spanish, so nothing there! I will put your button as soon as my daughter comes and does it, as I'm not computer savvy, thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my girls, pretty girl!! Love, FABBY

Holly said...

FYI—“Pay it Forward” is posted. I hope you’ll be able to participate. I’m hoping to build “Pay It Forward” up to be a meaningful event, but I need your help to do it. If you can find the time to join in, it would really help to grow the effort!

Time and time again, I’ve wanted the blogging world to meet someone I’ve met, or read something I’ve read. That’s what this blog meme is all about, “Pay It Forward.” Instead of keeping all these great finds and great friends to myself, or you keeping your great finds and great friends to yourself, we spread the LUV. Sharing the Good News, great tips, wonderful prayers, fabulous photos, scrumptious recipes, hilarious humor, unbelievable books, stories of goodwill, or whatever good knocks your socks off … with one another. I’d love to have you join in the fun, “Pay It Forward,” to those you admire and appreciate, and I hope we’ll get to know each other along the way.

an ika said...

new blog follower
love your blog

Unknown said...

that looks like a great movie! thanks for sharing. going to add it to my movie list :)

Mary James said...

Enjoying your blog

Amy @MoMomma said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my bloggy Peanut Butter and Chocolate cupcakes :) I really want to see this movie. No pioneers on my side, I'm a convert to the Church. I AM ThE PIONEER :)

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