Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drugstore Pick: 50 Ways to Use Vaseline in Under 2 Minutes!

Just saw this on April's life style show...Pretty fun !


Blondie's Journal said...



Victoria said...

I love Vaseline, I buy the traditional kind in the plastic tub and I slather it around my eyes every night and have done so for years. I'm lost without my Vaseline!

Cooking Gallery said...

You have some lovely ideas here, glad to find your blog!

Julie Harward said...

It really is an amazing thing isn't cool! ;D

Unknown said...

I have more use for it too ! This stuff is amazing !

Unknown said...

Thank you for stopping by, I will follow and vote for you too, thank you for posting the Vaseline Video, love that stuff! Look forward to checking out your blog!

Aprils Lifestyle Show

Carolee Hollenback said...

What would we do without the Vaseline :-)

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