Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last week...

I have been trying to learn how to use my camera a little bit ! This is hard stuff !

We had Thanksgiving on Saturday because hubby was in Mexico the whole week for Amber alert GPS armor...

The kids are on vacation...One more week...I can't do anything when they are home...Although, i have enjoyed sleeping in with all that snow outside !

My Fairy i think got inspired by Thanksgiving....I came out of the shower to find this...

I thought it was brilliant ! Until she started pouring the milk ...

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Christmas Giveaway Dec 1st- 8 !

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My cute friend Allie is having a giveaway on her blog ! perfect giveaway gift ! I entered for sure !

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Is it snowing in Paris ?

Well, Ok ! I don’t live in Paris but in Utah right now….I grew up in Paris though. I heard it is snowing in Paris right now, which means very sleeper y roads and sidewalks. Parisian don’t do snow boots. LOL

We do pretty and comfy boots, we walk everywhere !
This style would be perfect for Paris. We like black a lot and dark colors but interesting fabrics and patterns to make it more fun ! 

It is SOOOO cold in Paris and since we have to take the bus, subway (not too warm) and walk a lot. A nice quality coat is great. It has to look good also with everything.
The scarf is a must in Paris !
We always wear scarfs…Pretty ones and most of the time with color and interesting because of all the black we wear.

The everyday style in Paris is classy, trendy and versatile. We always dress up a little more than others would. We don’t have a lot of money, so we invest in some good pieces and pair with things we love but not expensive.

How do you shop ? expensive ? Sale ? Cheap ?

Bisous a toutes !

Grey coat from Guess.
Grey leather boots from Target.
Patterned black tights from Target.
Fun Scarf from Icing.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gingerbread man Ornament !

Great Tutorial at Mustard cut blog ! how to make this Gingerbread man Ornament ! WOW ! VERY GOOD tutorial and so adorable !

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mindy Gledhill - Black Friday Super Deal !

Great deal....Check Mindy Gledhill store !
If you are doing shopping for your friends, family and employees...In addition to her 2 for $20 special, starting right now through Dec. 17th, she is also offering both her albums at bulk pricing. If you buy a case of 30 CDs, you can get them for only $6.63 each. That's $199 for the case.

I am shopping online ! Hubby is in Mexico...so we are having Thanksgiving tomorrow and there is no way !!! that i am going to the stores with the kids...I like to go in the afternoon anyways to avoid the crowd !

Did you enjoy Black Friday ?
Any good deals ?

Shabby chic White and blue Christmas tree !

Our tree this year broke...I will post later about it. LOL

Anyways...I bought a new one !  YAY !
The Christmas tree of my dreams...A covered 9 feet tree with fake snow ...Got it at Tai Pan trading.
Got a 25% coupon after signing up...Ran and bought this Christmas tree.

Last year, i had a tiny Blue and white Christmas tree...I had some decoration already...I used all my white and silver too.
Feather boas...

I love to hang ornaments on ribbon...bird houses...I want some white birds too...Still looking...

Pearls ...

Angel loves it and this year for a change...She is under the tree and not in the tree...She doesn't like the fake snow...Awesome !

Now into making Christmas handmade ornaments...

What color is going to be your Christmas tree this year !?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cutest modest Frenchy outfit !

I had some Emails asking me where i find what i am wearing in my family pictures.
Hat is from Forever 21.
Necklace is from JC Penney.
Shoes are Joey O. from Ross. Dress for less.
The flowers on the shoes are from Claire.
Dress is on sale now at Jenclothing.
I would recommend this dress ! Very modest and a show stopper !
You can also sign up for additional savings...

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am Thankful for Thanksgiving

I am very grateful to live in this great Country !
I received my date for my Oath ceremony...Dec 15 !
It makes this Holiday season even more special.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you my friends !

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amber Alert GPS armor and cool accessories !

My pictures of Amber Alert GPS accessories and the GPS armor are going to the website and the new manual user...I am pretty happy about it !
The kids love the cool colors !
I love all the accessories !

Pouch attached to lanyard and hanging around the child's neck

Pouch with an arm strap through it attached to wrist

GPS device being slipped into a pocket

Pouch with the d-ring on it hanging from a belt loop

 Pouch with a belt through it on a child

Pouch with an arm strap through it attached to an ankle 

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Monday, November 22, 2010

And the day came...

Today was a big day ! Going to the store to buy bras for Lola who is 10. All her friends have one...So, she has to wear some too.
So here, we are at the store and my Fairy who is 3 is wearing bras on her head around the store....Lola and i looked at each other....???WOW.
  1. I am not afraid of ridicule anymore...my kids did this to me....She can wear it on her head around if she wants too...LOL
  2. My girls are 7 years difference....It just hit me...It is a lot of years....
  3. I don't remember wearing a bra at 10....It is a social thing for sure...And it is fine with me, whatever makes Lola happy makes me happy...
  4. Kids grow too fast...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dinosaur party at Thanksgiving point, Utah !

Thankgiving point in Lehi, Utah  has one of the best Dinosaur museum of all time and they throw the best Dinosaur party ! 

My boy is 8 years old ! 
We had his Birthday there !

The party is very complete and you just show up and enjoy !
It includes...
•Museum of Ancient Life admission for eight children and two adults
 • Guided one hour museum tour
 • One hour private room preservation and staff party guide
 • Molding and Casting activity
• Dinosaur birthday cake and drinks
 • Balloons and blow up Dino
• Goodie Bags

First started with our guided tour...I loved all the details that you get with a guide !
The exhibits have a lot of  "hands on" The kids enjoyed touching everything...

They are all in the cave !

Petrified lightning !
Pretty cool !
I thought of the movie "sweet home Alabama"

They have People working on bones too...

Watch out Birthday boy !

The erosion table is such a big hit...Playing with sand, water and Dinosaurs...

This is the only Museum in the world to have 2  Tyrannosaurus !

They have fun sand pits where the kids can dig out bones...

Then, they made some Dinosaur molds....My Fairy made a tooth....
They used Hydrocal .
It dries super fast !

Then to the Party room !

The kids thought the room was amazing !

How fun is this cake !


My cowboy loved his presents !
Happy Birthday !
We love you so much !

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