Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amber Alert GPS armor and cool accessories !

My pictures of Amber Alert GPS accessories and the GPS armor are going to the website and the new manual user...I am pretty happy about it !
The kids love the cool colors !
I love all the accessories !

Pouch attached to lanyard and hanging around the child's neck

Pouch with an arm strap through it attached to wrist

GPS device being slipped into a pocket

Pouch with the d-ring on it hanging from a belt loop

 Pouch with a belt through it on a child

Pouch with an arm strap through it attached to an ankle 

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highheeledlife said...

Frenchy's these are really cool. Kids will love wearing them , parents will have more comfort. I was on the Canadian website ~

Does the device have a panic button the child or elderly can activate if they need help?


Unknown said...

These are so cool. What an amazing invention and they are cool for the kids to wear. Great models by the way! (Smiles)

sheila said...

SUCH a smart idea!
LOVELY pic in the header, beautiful!

Cranberry Morning said...

It seems like they would be most effective when hidden, kept on the ankle or in a pocket, as shown in a couple of the pics. Good idea.

Unknown said...

Those are great! Although I could see kids at school thinking they're cell phones/iPods and being highly disappointed to find out they're not. :)

Julie Harward said...

Very cool...I like the one that hangs from the belt! :D

Unknown said...

HHL Yes there is an SOS button !

Unknown said...

You invented that? Wow. Best of luck to you as you pursue marketing this.

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