Friday, April 30, 2010

May 1st in France is special

May 1st is special in France, we give a lily of the valley, like the one in the picture to loved ones. Giving this to all of you :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

French Obsession Party on the 1st and Give away

Do not miss My French Obsession Linking Party and Give away!!! It is going to be great French Fun and the give away is amazing!!!
Thank you for all your supports, encouragements and love. It means so much to me and you know it does. Sending lots of Love to all of you :)

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Afternoon with friends

Last week, my Friend Britta was in town....I was happy to drop by her friend Sarah. where she stayed. To spend time with her and meet Sarah...We had a very nice the Valley.
My Fairy had fun too :)

This is my friend Britta...She is so cute and fun!

Her website is so gorgeous...HERE
She has a blog too....Very cool...HERE

The kids played in the backyard....
This is Sarah...She is very nice and easy to talk too :)

Then, we got some hail...

Look at this...

It was fun to have some Adult conversations about being a Doula...Hawaii....Their husbands are both in the Military....
Thank you for a great afternoon Britta and Sarah. You Rock!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blogger is making my life complicated

Does anyone know how i can download  my pictures from my computer without using Picasa. If i use Picasa, it takes for ever! Then if i use the old version blogger. It takes for ever too. Forcing people to use Picasa is so not cool!  I like it better before. Anyone ? Knows? Are they not done with the changes and are going to add download from computer?
I am going to take a nap. It is making me tired .... LOL

Reasons to have a baby

This is my Fairy at 12 months

Well, i have been crying each time that i hear that one of my friend is pregnant or had a baby.

It is very hard. I am happy for them. I just feel like i should have one too.

If you have been going through the same. I know how you feel.

It was not really possible for us to have a baby for the past 2 years. Now we can.
I can find more than 10 reasons not to have a Baby but it always come to this...I feel in my guts that i should have one.
A lot of time excuses keeps us from doing something we should be doing....And then it is too late. I always try to follow my guts....I can't go wrong.

Have a great day and follow your guts. :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last night....I had a dream....

last night i  had a dream that i had a hair cut....To a Pixie cut in blond platinum... i do change my hair often :)
This is 2 years ago.... With my fairy....Red hair and no makeup.
I like Red hair...
My hair grows very fast...about half an inch a month. LOL.
I don't think i will change my hair for a while....

How do you like your hair?  How long/short? What color?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Marie Antoinette Scrapbook album for Mother's Day.

Great idea, to make an album for mother's day.
I am making an album with my favorite pictures of the kids from last year for my Mom.

I got this album from Roberts. There is 3 divisions in it for my 3 kids.

I used this picture from the Graphic Fairy HERE.

I like the contrast, pink, brown, pink. I stayed in the same colors with the flower.

I traced the cardboard page on the back of the paper, cut it and glue it.

Cut the back of the flower and button and hot glued it.

The letters were already cut and glittered from Roberts.


Lola asked me...Is it hard?   I said...Only when your sister gets in it and i have to redo it...LOL

A big button hold the ribbon...

Here is the back...
Now i have to put up the pictures in it....More work :) I will update you with the process.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The ducks are growing...

Someone wants to play with the duckies...
We had few days of snow again...LOL... so the Ducks are playing inside.
I can't wait for the weather to be warm so they can run and enjoy some freedom :)

Are you guys eating the crackers for the Ducks? LOL

numbers on a plaque ... so easy!

This craft is very easy because all you need is numbers from your Home Depot and a plaque from your accessory store. Mine is rod Works HERE.

First, get the number you want, lucky number, house number...
Then, go to the store with the letters and choose a picture. This  red one and butterflies themed is a metal one. I you want to place it outside. A metal one is great. Just think a wood one with weather over time (i like it that way).
Make sure the letters fit and when placed on the picture they look good.
Then at home, Hot glue your letters on the picture.
Hang it outside, place it at the window or display in your house. I LOVE THIS!!! All from my little brain :)

Outdoor, indoor, house number sign!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Time out chair ?

This is my one of my favorite chairs. I have 2 of those. They are very versatile and can go anywhere in my house.
This one is my Time out chair. I don't believe in spanking but in time out and privileges being taken away. It is a lot of work...I remember one day giving 20 time out to my 3 year one day.WOW so much trouble...LOL
I love it and would not do it an other way. 
This is how it works...I tell my child why he gets a time out...He gets one minute per age...7 minutes for a 7 year old. If he has the tendency to not stay there, i stay by him.....Then i tell him again why he had a time out at the end and ask him to say sorry.....Got this from a Super Nanny show .LOL.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Grand-ma Antoinette...back in Paris

I don't have a lot of great good memories with my Antoinette Grand- ma. She lived in a Poor area around Paris. Stayed in the same apartment for 40 years.... I remember the Sunday diners, she always had Pastries from the "Boulangerie". All colorful and Yummy. It was hard to choose witch one to choose.

I remember her buying me a doll that talks....My parents could not afford it. One Christmas she send it to me. I thought....She has less money than my parents....

another great memory is to go once in the theater to see a movie about Greek Mythologies...

 My Marie Antoinette B-day Party...HERE
What is your favorite memory of your Grand-parents?

Mango salad recipe

This salad is very healthy and good with any fish...

2 Mangoes, peeled and cut in pieces.
2 tomatoes cut too.
half an red onion, cut too.
1 teaspoon minced Ginger.
Fresh parsley, cut too for adding not for decoration .
stir together.
In France, we add fresh herbs to all our dishes.
A lot of Parsley. It is easy to grow in the garden too and comes back every year.

Bon appetit!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This is a Mango salad to eat with fish...Tomatoes, mango, red onion....

Hubby is on a Diet...I don't know who it is the hardest for....Him, trying not to cheat, LOL.
Or me, cooking lots of veggies and salads for 2 hours a day. He is doing a Diet with exercising every day and healthy meals...Counting his calories....Hmmm I count his calories...

I am so grateful for my Mom, in France we don't have fast food, frozen food like here. You also take the bus to go get groceries.....We have the fresh market once a week..HAAA She cooked great healthy meals everyday...And it took a lot of work to get everything without a car.

Are you on a Diet.... What is the hardest for you?
For me it would be to find the strength to cook and not jump in the car to go get something....Like last night and my burger...Hmmmm. LOL. Thank you for your support Yesterday...Means so much to me :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am Terrified...

I just received my emigration paper to be Nationalized American...for my last exam..That's it...Almost there...BUT, I am terrified...I don't know if i should cry or get a burger... It's so hard to study and memorized anything with a little kids....Oh, i don't know how you guys do it, going to school and raising little kids....I can't. I have 1 week until my exam....Oh, i will just get a Burger. LOL

Marie Antoinette cake Tutorial!

So here is the little secret about making this cake....The hardest part is to have an idea and putting it together.
First Grab some silk flowers with colors you want....

I already had those and it was the perfect size...
Black granite always cast the nicest reflection and shadow. I love this one :)

Now, you need to bake the cakes and cut them to size...I wanted it to fit under my cloche....

I used everything i had on hand for the size. Make sure the cakes are FROZEN before cutting...Do not miss this step!

Layer the icing between the different parts...It will make 3 different cakes that i will cover with fondant. Parchment paper to keep the cakes from sticking to each other.
In the Freezer...

Then cover with icing the 3 different size cakes...Pink icing was all i had and it is a bad idea. Because if the fondant cracks, the pink icing shows. You want white icing. I still fixed it later by covering the cracks with white icing...

White fondant already made from the store...You roll it thin, then place it on the cake and with the palm of your hands smooth. Not too hard...It was my first time  :)
Cut the sides with a sharp knife, to keep it to stick when you work with it, use confectioner's sugar.

I had a little helper...

Now, you have it!

I used chocolate icing to fill in between sections...

I used a different tip to do zig zags going from the top to the bottom.....A little slanted....Then placed the flowers (washed) at the curve sticking out.

I did it 3 times on the sides...
Kept it under my cloche in the fridge, to keep it fresh...

For the Strawberry sugar...Add few drops of Strawberry extract and mix well. You can do this with any extract.

The Marie Antoinette Party....SEE

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