Thursday, October 7, 2010

Physical Abuse...What you need to hear from someone who loves you...

Eminem and Rihanna.....I love the way you lie....

We all heard the song...To some, it can be an annoying song...To some, bring them to tears....I was surprise to hear that the Reason for the song was to tell people to get out of the relationship before it get too late....Sorry...But i don't understand....It takes years in Psychotherapy for someone to change if they ever change. Most people stay into an Abusive relationship until it is too late.

I know by experience that it takes a minimum of 6 months to find out that your boyfriend is abusive....And that even when you have black eyes nobody will ever tell you to break up....So here is my advise to anyone......Before getting serious, wait to know him and if there is physical abuse....LEAVE NOW.  There is a time when you have to say i love you but you and me it is not working....And it is at the first hit.

What would you say to someone in that situation...What is your opinion...I know that there is a lot of wise woman in blog land and i see your comments....I know that there is too many women into Abusive relationship who never leave.....What would you tell them ?


Silvia C said...

Ah... Frenchy, this is a tough one. All I can say is that I believe that if someone truly loves you, he/she wants the best for you. The best is not a black eye, or the humiliation that comes along with being treated with disrespect.
If someone loves you they want you to be happy. That is what true love is. If you believe you deserve less than true love, then that's a tough place to be, as you will accept whatever comes your way.
You have in life what you believe you deserve.
I would recommend my friend to seek professional help. And then, I would ask her to make her own choices. Ultimately, it's their choice.
The problem is that there are so many reasons why someone stays in abusive relationships. Normally, most woman are too ashamed to admit they are being abused, or to even recognize it.

Cielo Azul Jewelry said...

There are so many types of abuse and so people sometimes don't realize it's actually happening to them. It's sad because some people can just leave when they realize it or someone points it out. For SO many, they are wrapped in it and find it so difficult. Try to change the other them. It's a very sad song, because they both know what it's like. You can see how painful and deadly it can get=0(


Julie Harward said...

If a man ever hit me, I'd hit him back! LOL Then I would tell his mama and his brothers and sisters and his church leaders! And if he dared to do it again, I would kick his butt to the curb! ...I know I am half way jesting here and it is not something to jest about. Many women have found that that the one they love is an sad. I think women need to be strong though and let a man know that he has to respect them or get out. I think sometimes, if a woman lets it happen over and over..she is just..I don't know, sick in the head. I would NEVER let a man hit me even once!

Tania QT said...

Thanks Frenchy, for this post, i don't really understand this song until now.
Thats true, womans never should let anyone hit her.

Wild Rose said...

I love the song or preferably the tune the words not so much and am also not in favor of letting a man abuse me and accept that pain because oh it feels so good because it doesn't. And One should get out such a relationship as fast as they can!

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