Friday, July 9, 2010

Pepsi refresh project!

My friend Julia at asked me to pass this to you. She works with Hubby...

We are so excited to announce that our Pepsi Refresh project
proposal to supply 1000 Amber Alert GPS child tracking devices to
low income families in high risk neighborhoods has been accepted!

All we need to do now is get YOU to vote for our project. You
see, we are competing against a whole bunch of other project
proposals. The project with the most votes wins the funding.

We’d like to encourage you to go to
right now and click the “Vote For This Idea” button on the right
hand side of the page. It's that simple...and you would be helping
1000 families out a whole bunch!

And, the best part is you can VOTE EVERY DAY for this project until
July 31st!! We are counting on our thousands of clients and site
visitors to do just that.

You can also go to Facebook and vote for us. Here is how you do

1. Login to your Facebook account

2. Open a new tab on your internet browser, while keeping your
Facebook browser tab open

3. Go to and Vote for our

4. Once you have voted, look further down the project page and
you’ll see “Promote this idea”, under which you will see a
Facebook and Twitter image.

5. Click on the Facebook image icon and follow the instructions.

6. When the Facebook comment box comes up, just say something
like “Save a child’s life by taking 30 seconds to vote today
and everyday until July 31st. Just click the link below!”
Ask your friends to Share this also!
Now, wasn’t that easy? If you’re really savvy with Facebook,
you can even create an event for this project on Facebook.

Thanks for your assistance with this!!!!

Please go right now to...

...and vote for us. We appreciate you working with us in spreading
the word about child safety. Let's do it!

Julia Howard

1196 W. South Jordan Pkwy Suite B, South Jordan, Utah 84095, United States

Thank you!

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Tammy said...

Sounds like an awesome product. I cringe everytime I see abductions of kids. So scary!

Thanks for stopping by tonight. I am now your newest follower! :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Wonderful idea! I have just cast my vote. Good luck!
Have a good weekend
Isabelle x

~ Noelle said...

i love the pepsi refresh projects!
thanks for the follow, following you back!

Crisc said...

I voted it's a wonderful idea

Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

Okay Helping families and PEPSI! I love PEPSI and think it sounds like a great project! Off to vote right now!

Kelsey said...

Love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine! I'm your newest follower. ;)And what a great idea, anything to get kids back to their families gets an A+ in my book.
Kelsey Kim

joanna said...

What a wonderful product, I will go and vote for it. I came by Friday follower, interesting blog you have here. I became a follower


Debby said...

I voted. What a great idea. Hope you get the grant.

Muthering Heights said...

Very cool...what a great project!

XmasDolly said...

Fantastic idea. They do need to do something, and it's good to see that everyone is trying to do something. Thanks for stopping by, and I've returned your follow. Nice to meet you and have a wonderful weekend.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Wow, that's pretty great! I'll go vote.

Victoria said...

I will for sure vote for husband works for Pepsi:)

I've been closely following the story of little Kyron Horman who's been missing for over a month now, I wish he had one of these:(

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