Wednesday, June 23, 2010

House tour. Living room.

Welcome to the living room...The walls are Chocolate brown and goes very well with the burnt orange/gold furniture and Aqua ceilings....

Love the couch. The front pillow has a cheetah fabric. Animal fabrics are used a lot in French designs.
We like them a lot. 

Tommy is in the most comfortable chair in the house of course.
The green Topiary tree on the table is used every Christmas has a Christmas tree.
It can go anywhere in the house.

The mantle is perfect for a 1700 Parisian style.
My collection of Toile vases on the fire place mantle. I use them all over the place and they make great center pieces. I use them with flowers for a party.
We use everything we have in France. It is very important. Things have to be beautiful and with a purpose....Sometimes more than one purpose.

This is the same Chandelier across the entry as the dining room. 
The mirror was purchases before i designed the house. I believe that if you only buy things you love. You will always find a place and purpose for everything.

The colors are harmonious.

Going to the dining room...

For paint colors, see my post about it.

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Amanda Bynum Photography said...

love the paint colors!! We lived with all white walls for a few years & when we finally painted all the walls it was great!

Blondie's Journal said...

Your room is lovely! And I see a little fairy jumping about! ;-D


Allie said...

Love the room!! I should have you come decorate when we get our new house!! I may be stealing some ideas at least!! haha! Hope the packing is going well!!

highheeledlife said...

Great colours!!! its so well done.. HHL

Debby said...

I love it all.

Amber Dawn said...

I love that comment Frenchy "If you only buy things you love you will always find a place for it!" I'm going to remember that as we start on the adventure of decorating our new house!

It's me said...

And this house are you leaving???

O's a shame......happy summer evening///love....Ria....

Unknown said...

I LOVE how your little girlie is in every picture. She's a doll baby! Very cute, Frenchy doodle : ).

Love to you, friend.
<3 Laura

Unknown said...

Did you bring a lot of decorative things with you from France?

A Tale of Two Cities said...

The house is so warm and full of charm. I can tell you decorate with your heart, and I adore all the French touches.


deb@virginia blue said...

what a GORGEOUS room!! your house looks lovely, and i love your blog... so inspiring!

thank you so much for popping in to say hello on my blog today... not only do i like you because you're a friend of rachelle, but you obviously ooze style! :)

Veronica Lee said...

WOW!! WOW!! and WOW!! Your room is BEAUTIFUL! LOL, I should have posted a pic of it for my 'Living Rooms Around The World' post!


Unknown said...

Kc MOM. No, i don't have any decorations from France :(
Happy you guys can get some inspiration from this. Thank you for the compliments.

Jenny said...

Frenchy thank you for stopping by. Love all your decorating on a budget- true talent. Take care.


Anonymous said...

aww love ur living room looks soo comfyy !! hehe :D

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