Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One month without meat ?

Yes, this is a guacamole burger...but, i only had 7 burgers in the last 2 years. In France, fast food is a luxury, actually expensive....Then you have to take the bus to go get it HAHAHA. Yep doesn't happen...often :)

My husband had guys from the factory in Taiwan for Amber Alert GPS fly here. They were talking about this new diet book made in China.
They had a search about health and eating with millions of Chinese....the result...poor people live longer and have less health problems.
The cause...Meat. Poor people don't eat meat so live longer and have less health problems and ...are leaner?

I know that it takes 3 days for our body to digest meat, so not good if i am trying to loose weight and calories.
So here was my experiment. No meat for 30 days.

That is a hard one.

I can cook, thankfully, my Mother is a great French chef and passed it down.

So here is what i noticed. I did not crave meat, i ate more sugar than i would like, I find it hard to find vegetarian recipe for everyday though but not impossible.
Hubby lost 20 pounds!!!!??
Me none????? I think it was the sugar....
I felt lighter and healthier... Easy digestion.

I have been eating less meat since and i think it is good.
I believe that meat should be consumed sparingly anyways.

Here is the deal also. I am a city girl...if i had to kill my food, i would be in trouble. LOL.
I could not kill and eat my chickens. 
I have a friend who is Vegan, her name is Britta, she started because of her high cholesterol (she is very young). Her diet is working.
So yeah, there is no is very important in health and eat meat sparingly.


Julie Harward said...

I agree, I think I eat more chicken than beef but sometimes I like beef. I think the secret is to not go to much in either direction...moderation in all things (like it says in the word of wisdom). :D

Blondie's Journal said...

Really great information! I learned a lot. I think why we eat so much meat here in my home is that is the way that I was brought up...meat, potatoes and veggies. And I don't have a lot of vegetarian recipes either, but I think I am enough of a good cook to come up with something. So it made you crave sugar? I DON'T need that! lol!! I would love to see the book on the Chinese diet. I always wonder how people diet in other countries..

Again...thanks for all the info.


Ping's Nom Fiction Life said...

We've been eating less red meat and eating other meat in moderation. It helps on the body and budget wise:)

Unknown said...

The weird thing is that they said that sugar is not the problem is be unhealthy it is meat and animal interesting.

Victoria said...

I think part of the problem with sugar is that it's refined these days. But I agree on the meat thing! I try to mix our meat into things like jambalaya or meals where you're getting it in very small portions. Thank you for sharing this info!

Jules said...

I love eating vegetarian and very low meat meals!! Like Ping said, so good for the body and the budget. Also since most people dont really like them plain you have to be creative and really produce something unique when you cook with beans.

bunny, The Paris House said...

This is very interesting!! Well as the old saying goes."We are what we eat" I only eat red meat on occasion I just don't really care for it, now sugar, well thats another story, I crave all things sweet!! :)

Tracy said...

Well, we raise Black Angus Beef for a living and so I have to say I really like my Beef!!! ;-) I agree with Julie, moderation in ALL things!!!

We all have our free agency, so you "go girl"...whatever works for you!! :-)

Kimberly said...

I have never been a fan of too much meat. My husband is a real meat lover though.

We are not big on fast food, but we do LOVE pizza.

Unknown said...

Don't take me wrong. I love meat. Love steak and ribs. I just think that quality and how much and how often is important. In France quality is important and we get local meat. We have butcher shops. Love that.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU CAN DO IT! Vouloir c'est pouvoir, n'est-ce pas?

Bisous, Anita

Britta said...

I feel so honored to be on your blog, thanks so much for that!

If you like reading about this, you would LOVE to read Blue Zones, it's fantastic. It's about the 6 or 7 confirmed places in the world where people live to be over 100 years old more than any other place, and with the highest health of anywhere. They met a woman who was 99, when they went to her house she was hacking through weeds with a machete.

They eat very little meat, which has a lot to do with it.

And for anyone wondering... My cholesterol went from 251 to 188 in 6 months of being vegan!

Courtney said...

I totally agree! I have been a vegetarian for 2 years and I love it and I feel better than I ever have! Love it!

Ivy Jane Adison said...

I love the idea of a guacamole burger. I am such an outside person that I have relied on meat to give me strength and energy. I don't think my kids will go for it, but that's ok. Your background of growing up in France is so interesting. Is there a particular meal from France that you favor?

Unknown said...

Courtney you read my blog! I love you girl!...
For the meat, i have noticed that kids don't really care...They care more for sugar. For energy...I had actually more energy because my body felt lighter...It's really weird but i would not "drag" like usual. The guacamole burger is a classic in the States...And my favorite.
My favorite food....Actually it is the little pastries that my Grand-ma always got for us on Sundays....Little fruit tarts, Eclairs, Millefeuilles...So many and delicious...
Gros bisous

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

I would be all for eating less meat. I do love a good burger though! Especially with guacamole :).

I was reading about your husband starting the amber alert GPS. That's great!! My husband works at Garmin - a large GPS company here in America. I'm amazed by all the stuff that's created there.

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Okay, after looking at your blog more I realized that you live in the states!! I'm sure you know who Garmin is. I apologize for not realizing this. :)

Unknown said...

Emily. Yes. Garmin is the biggest company in the world. They do a different gps than us. They track cars. How cool !!! Thank you for being my friend :)

Magic Brush said...

Are we related? hahaha. Just found your blog tonight. Last August, I ate vegan for 30 days to try to loose weight. I lost 2 pounds. Then I read "Healthy at 100"... which is one book that looks at the healthies people groups in the word (inc the Chinese) and have continued to try to eat 75% vegan. It's so hard, but I firmly believe that less meat is best for us! You may be talking about the "China Study" book.

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