Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A window open to Italy with my friend Alex Bigney.

Alex Bigney lives down the street from me. He is such an amazing and interesting person.

Alex Bigney was born in Boston and raised in rural New England. He is an accomplished and gifted artist whose paintings are exhibited in distinguished collections in the United States and internationally.

While living and studying art in Italy, he developed a lifelong and profound relationship to Italian art history and culture. This passion continues to sustain and inform the particulars of his artistic life—a life that is extended to students, colleagues and friends where a substantial, relevant new vision of painting is nurtured and generously shared.

“There is a rising interest among artists today,” Alex has stated, “in reclaiming a painting foundation where discussions of the past are new and alive in the present. What is exacted from us as artists and viewers is that we wholly participate.”

I really like him. He is smart. He has a gorgeous voice. I love listening to him, he is so smart and enriched with travel, knowledge and experience. there is something special about him that  make me like him and he is a super nice person...I love Italy too and have been there. 

He is a wonderful author. He wrote Talking to Tesla. Here is some parts of the book i really like, although there are so many:

“Love is resonance, an effect of the coincidence of frequencies, a marriage of patterns,” stated Tesla, “making their combined influence greater than the sum of their individual effects...Love attracts like a magnet, joining those who love in oneness, as a melodic progression attracts harmonious notes...." p 238, TTT ...

So I keep looking back, picking through the clutter of my life for clues, hoping to stumble upon something that suggests a beginning to this story—my childhood and youth, life as a painter, my travels in Italy; all motifs in the complex pattern that led me here. p i, TTT

Most travelers know; you don’t arrive at one destination by focusing on another. It’s another open secret—that you always end up exactly where you’re headed. p 338, TTT

“You have already learned that order is born from disorder through awareness, but you are only now beginning to believe that perhaps you can actually participate in bringing things into being that were beyond your awareness—which power is called faith.” p 393, TTT

...I have started lowering the volume on things, turning off the radio in the car and letting the house stay silent when I’m alone. I’ve stopped looking at things I don’t intend to see, stopped responding to what isn’t important. I’m trying to listen more, to pay attention to what was there before my life filled up with so much junk. p 88, TTT

He is amazing...

Here is my favorite painting by Alex Bigney.
See his website to see more about him and  to buy his book.
Alex Bigney HERE.


Roxy said...

Thanks for this delightful post. I love Italian opera and your pictures today made want to visit that beautiful country. I enjoyed learning about Mr. Bigney. He does seem amazing.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Lovely post, de first pictures makes me dream of summer holidays!!

Have a happy day!

Julie Harward said...

He's kind of cute too! I liked the top pic he painted..just beautiful! :D

Unknown said...

Such an intriguing man! I love the photos - stunning!

Mervat said...

Interesting quotes. Thank you for the post.

I have gone through some previous posts which I enjoyed. Have you been back to France since you left?

All the very best!



Unknown said...

I have not been back to France yet. It seems that there is always an excuse. Pregnant, broke, little kids...and lots more crap. I have been to passive about it. But not anymore. Nothing will stop me this time...

Tracy said...

So interesting!! Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca Nelson said...

What a wonderful post my friend. I just LOVE your Bloggie and can't wait to follow along and read all you have to share.

I'm sooo happy you found me because I need someone who is FRENCH to help me! :) :) :)

I'm sooo excited. Soo thrilled to meet you :) and have you follow along as well!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour beautiful! I loved Italy; I went there after spending a month all alone in Nice, France and then my husband met me and we went to Cinqua Terra. WOW. But by that time, France had become my home and I felt more at ease in France. However, Italy was magnificent and I would go there again in a hot minute. Your friend is rather handsome! And a talented soul.

Have fun chèrie!


debra@dustjacket said...

Oh what an amazing man. I can see why you admire him.

thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much for your comment, you are lovely.

Madeline's Memory said...

Beautiful. My husband is from Italy and someday we would love to return and visit his extended family that is still there. He has not been since he was 13...I love the picture of the window. I just love the Italian scenery!
Enjoy, Dana

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