Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tutorial on fabric fortune cookie

The kids made pictures for their Dad.
This fortune cookie is made of red felt, i used a plate to trace a circle with a pencil, then i cutted the fabric.The pictures will fit nicely...
I folded the fabric. Hot gluing the opening.
Leave the sides open...
I folded the pictures, so they would bend too with the cookie.
Hot glue the connection...
Here you have it...
It is a super cute idea to wrap a small present. You could use different fabrics, like pink toile, glue pearls, ruban, lace, anything cute. Great for Party favors for an Asian theme party.
Cute gift for jewelry..... I am sure you can find so many occasions......:)
France has a great Asian influence, we have a China town in Paris. One of my favorite places.

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