Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super bowl.

In France we don't have the Super Bowl, the football final game. So this post is for my family and friends in Europe. You guys can pick at it! LOL.

We threw some Hot dogs on the stove grill.....YES! The professional range is a lot of fun!

Pop....Of course. In France i would drink pop once in a while. I still do.Hot wings. Jalapenos stuffed with cheddar cheese. In France our portions are smaller than here.
Redvines candies...don't have a picture of it. The kids eat them like lightning!
Banana split with this ice cream....Love it. It was easy and fast so i can relax...It's Sunday after all...


Meghan said...

YUM! Looks incredible!

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling you have such a unique blog. I love it. There is a little of everything that has come together so perfectly with such harmony and class. I joined your followers and will return daily.

Love & Hugs

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