Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sister in law

Christina is my sister in law. She is a very talented photographer with a lot of experience.
She is beautiful and super crafty. Few years ago she gave me those 3 vases as a gift, SHE MADE THEM....How cool is that! They are my most precious and favorite. Gifts from the heart. When you give your time and energy, talent to give something to someone...It becomes alive with memory and feelings.
Her web is here Crickett Photography. She is in Raleigh, NC.


Julie Harward said...

What a fun sister in law to the cases! Have a good valentines day and come say hi :D

Ann said...

these vases are beautiful!! aren't you lucky to have such a sweet sister-in-law...but,you must be a wonderful one also!! I do so enjoy visiting your blog..have a lovely Valentine's Day!

Miles Of Style said...

Beautiful shots! I love the first photograph <3

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