Sunday, February 14, 2010

Final day....Valentine day, the 14.

Love toast.

Toast you bread first and cut heart. In pan, cook with the egg inside the heart opening on medium until cooked to liking. You can flip the toast if you like it well done.
You would see the egg heart better if you cook it less. I flipped it. Strawberry jam on the heart cuted out.
Cute handmade Valentine card.


Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet! It brings back memories for me, because I used to make those for my children when they were young. We called them bulls eyes! They weren't cut with a heart, just a circle. But they loved them; have a happy-happy day of love, Marcia

Anonymous said...

the love toast is too cute. :)

Unknown said...

This is the first time ever that i made them....Really cool. The kids love them and they are easy to eat. Oh sweet, Vintage Frenchhen, i will make them too for sure. Thanks tinypaperhearts!

Julie Harward said...

Love that...I used to make this for my kids, called it, eggs in a basket! Love this card too...what are you doing with all these gorgeous cards?! :D

emma wallace said...

How cute! I love that idea. And the strawberry jam is a perfect touch.

Unknown said...

I will place all the cards in Hubby special drawer with all the kids pictures he is saving. I am sure it will be a good memory to him.

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