Friday, January 8, 2010

Valentine quand tu nous tiens

Walmart had this great mold for a giant cup cake...Birthday cake? Fun... Fun

Roberts had gorgeous paper...
Preparation...Preparation....This is what i got at Target ... and i can use it year after year!!
This is all for hubby.
So far here what i have:
  1. French chocolate milk
  2. Favorite dip and chips
  3. Sugar cookies
  4. mini cupcake
  5. Heart attack on his mirror
  6. Breakfast in bed
  7. Card
  8. Massage by me
  9. Date to a guy movie and his favorite restaurant.
  10. Cute under shorts.
  11. Treat in cute box
  12. A Chinese surprise
  13. Fortune cookies made of fabrics
  14. Giant Birthday cake and present


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Thanks for following me.
I really want one of those giant cup cake tins they are really expensive here, about $50 your money. Hope yours was a bargain.
Luv Sophie xxx

Unknown said...

You can get it at was lucky enough to find it in the store for $30.I like the hard metal so i will be able to use it for years. The silicone can be torn ed up by crazy little 2 year olds hands....

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