Thursday, January 28, 2010

Des Talents, des hobbies?

I don't have any...I don't like anything. This was our conversation few years ago with Hubby. Then, it hit me...I had lost myself. It happens to a lot of Moms...Then i went on a journey to find what would make ME happy, exited, fulfilled. Now i have so many hobbies, i can't count. them...Hatching my first chicks...moment we all still talk about.

Birthday cakes...The amazements in all eyes.

Photography...As to try to catch a precious memory.

And laugh...Mommy it's cold in Utah...

I am a happier Mom, my kids are happier around me. I teach them by example, that if they work at it, they can do anything and love every moments of it. Life is fun and i love to do so many things now. Life is beautiful.

Avec amour to the Moms Arise Team. XOXO.
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BonjourRomance said...

You did a great job on this guest post. Your kids are just beautiful and your photography is great. Being a Mom is the best thing to be!
I think you have alot of hobbies that you are very good at.
Have a good evening!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

All of you look great. A beautiful family and lovable children and mom! Warm regards. Philip

Julie Harward said...

Gee, just look at all you are good at...amazing! And being the Mom is the best, your children are very blessed! :D

Unknown said...

Thank you...All So sweet.

trishie said...

Your kids are so beautiful, like their mom!

Unknown said...

Thank you Trishie. :)

Andrea said...

you have beautiful photos, and your kids are soooo beautiful, because their mom is! Thanks for your visit and following my blog. May you be fully blessed!

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