Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tips for a Christmas tree and decorations.

Star with the big things first, bows , big ornaments, get the colors and stick to it.
A lot of the same ornaments is good then collect ornaments you love over the years.
2 or 3 ornament next to each other, complimenting each other is good.
Shop after Christmas for great deals. Only buy things you love and things you can use year around( like a topiary).
I use fabric for the tree skirt.
Make your own ornaments, paint, glitter. Use colors you adore and used in your house.
Use your collections, add bows to vases. Put them in tree. (small framed family pictures).
Keep it practical, if your babies break ornaments, have plastic ones on the bottom and the more delicate on the top.
And of course have the whole family help and have fun.

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