Friday, December 5, 2008

Traditions from my home to yours

I always had Clementines at Christmas time. It remind us that not a long time ago people only had an orange at Christmas.

La galette des rois.
I always make a small pie or cake and hide 3 dry beans for the 3 wise men. Then the person finding a bean gets a crown and is king for that night, then we read the baby Jesus story. It is very special. (French inspired).

Advent calendar.
I love having a Advent calendar. My best memories was opening the little doors every morning when i was a kid at Christmas time. I put little treats, stickers, love notes, chocolates. The kids love it.

Tree card.
I like to display Christmas card. I always have a picture of us or the kids sent with the cards. This year i got a branch from a dead tree, secured it with rocks in a vase. Used clothes pins to attach the cards.

Nativity scene.
We always had a nativity scene growing up. We have a big plastic nativity scene from walmart. I antiqued it with brown paint.

Real tree.
Only once when i was little, we had a real cut tree. We lived in Southern France then. In our apartment a small fake tree was the way.
Since we are so blessed to have land, buying a real tree and replanting it in the yard is a plus. We got a tiny black spruce this year for the master. Next year, when we have our landscape in, we will go bigger.

Use what you have.
Using collections, a mirror on the table to reflect light, moving accessories around is the way to go. I use all i have. Add a bow and it is instant Christmas!

This year, i uses a branch for the tree card and honeysuckle vines from my old house for the trees and fire places. Find pine cones outside. It is free!

Sharing Christmas pictures, thoughts, testimonies, is a great way to be thankful and share your life with your loved ones. I have a family blog for my family in France and the states.

We always make decorations with the kids and cook special treats.

This year we painted white 2 bird houses then applied glue and glittered.

We covered with white glitter silver ornaments. We painted and glittered clothes pin for the card tree.

For the food, we always make Gingerbread houses and gingerbread man.
Cute treats, like snowmen.


My mother was a single mother raising 3 kids, so we never had any money. We only had a present at Christmas around 40$ but it was something we really wanted.
We try to do the same in our family. I will buy only 2 presents for each kids, but i will make sure they will be very happy with what they get.
They will receive presents from relatives also... so the tree is never empty!

Giving at Christmas time.
We also donate money to a cause or on something meaningful.
Last year we donated to the missionary fund at church, this year i got a picture of Jesus for my husband's office.
I always donate for the food bank, and others... because i learn growing up very poor that there is always someones in worse shape than you.

In France, we have the Christmas meal the 24 th night. We eat at candle lights.
It makes the meal very magical. I always have buttered toasts with smoked salmon for appetizers .The next day i have a special breakfast, we open the presents and play or watch the new movies we got all day.

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