Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 3: my working out every day.

This week the kids were on spring break so I was able to work out more. I made a little mistake last week with my post. I try to work out everyday but not 4 hours a day. 1 hour a day. My goal is to work out everyday.
Last week I did: 
1:15 Kickboxing, 1 hour Zumba, 1 hour Pilates, 1 hour yoga, 1:30 walking/running.
I also did 30 minutes of cardio. I was going to try this new class but the baby would not get up and eat so it took us longer to get there and I only did 30 minutes of the 1 hour class. It was not my favorite and I was actually bored. I also did the 30 minutes abs class and did not like it. I could not do any of the floor exercises correctly. I guess I need to improve but I did not feel it was very effective. The Pilate class is way more effective. I did 15 minutes of weights for my upper body. Total of 7 hours for last week.

I started to really like Yoga and looking forward to the class. I am still not good at it.

My diet was pretty good and I started eating a chicken salad for every meal for 3 days. I can see my waist shrinking but the scale is not showing anything yet. 

7 hours in a week is my top achievement. 
My fitness journey can be very frustrating at time because results are very slow and I can't quit. I guess it's like everything. I have to keep going otherwise my efforts are gone.
I had 4 cinnamon buns for my cheat day and it made me very sick. I count it as a positive. I am eating less sugar and white bread and my body notices.

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