Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our Halloween paper crafts party

We had our paper craft Halloween party this week. I always wanted to do one but I didn't have the time to find printables, print them... Seemed like a lot of work. I was so happy when I find a Halloween party paper kit at Michaels store.
 Beautiful, whimsical and paper craft table setting

The only things I bought for this party was the paper kit, paper plates and napkins. 2 headbands and of course the food. I already had the rest of the decorations. A witch silhouette is hanging form the chandelier.

My 13 year old made this chalkboard art. I won the cards last year. They are hanging on a ribbon by little clothes pins.
You can find Imagimery Etsy store here:

I placed a Fall wreath on a cake stand with a pumpkin in the middle. The hat comes from the paper kit. The tablecloth is a spider web with big spiders.
The paper banner is also from the paper kit. Cute card from Imagimery.

Paper plates and napkins from Target. I thought the green and spider web plates would be perfect.
Green plates setting.

We don't drink pop but for parties these Lime sodas are really fun. Perfect green! The paper decorations on the bottles come from the kit.

We had worms and eye balls (Spaghetti and meatballs with a lot of garlic, a dash of chili powder and cinnamon) .

"Mashed witch in jars". SOOOO good! Very easy and cute! 

In my breakfast nook I have this white buffet. I made a cute vignette.

Paper hats from the paper kit. I am totally in love with those!
The kids wore those for the party and...

Cat headbands from Walmart (only $1 each). I wore one for my black cat costume.

I love glass jars. This skeleton head in this jar is perfect with a little paper hat: LOVE
Orange light string, a battery operated candle and a lost spider.
The black tree with small decorations is so cute!

A little witch and witch quote: Woman are angels and when someone breaks our wings we just continue to fly...On a broomstick, we're flexible like that!

A Vintage witch hat, a ghost block, and tootsie rolls in a jar. The death tag comes from the paper kit.

A pumpkin block in the corner.

This is a super Halloween party paper kit: My mind's eye, Wicked, mechant, malvado.
 I didn't use it all. Mimi and I had fun cutting and putting it together It was only $5 at Michael's with discount.


Tablescapes By Diane said...

Hi lovely lady.
I love your Halloween paper crafts for your party, you did a Beautiful job putting this all together sweet. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend don't forget put your clock back.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Diane!!! I did. Actually my phone does it for me. Happy Sunday! Xo

Chasing Rainbow said...

Great job...loved the whole setting, especially the spaghetti :)

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