Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dr. Phil and Anti-bully movement

Yesterday, i saw the Anti bully Cyberspace's show by Dr Phil. It was very good!
Our technology is advancing so fast and bullies are found in Cyberspace. Facebook, my space, Twitter, etc...
We have to evolve too and adapt to these attacks. Dr Phil is doing something about it and i applaud him!!
Something i learned yesterday:

Never answer back to a bully.
Block them.
Tell an adult if you are a teen.

Schools need to be involved.

I had some experience with bullying. A while ago, i had someone that i did not know sending me a nasty message on Facebook about my religion. I never answered back, block the person and thought to myself...WOW there is nasty people out there!

Like they said on the Dr Phil show...It is not us with a problem...It's the bullies...
Hope you are enjoying your summer!
Love you guys!


Debby said...

Just thought of you this morning. I miss your posts. I know that you are busy busy right now. Hope you are doing okay. The anti-bully movement is so needed. My son was made fun of so much, still is. People can be so cruel of those with handicaps. I don't ever remember being bullied. Times have changed alot.

Cranberry Morning said...

There are so many times in life when the best answer is no answer at all. We don't have to have the last word. Then again, sometimes no answer is the last word. I agree with Debby. I don't remember bullying, especially to the extent that we hear about today. Maybe we just didn't pay as much attention to them, which is probably a good response.

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