Sunday, March 14, 2010

Le Chateau des fleurs, breakfast nook

Oh i loved the Alice in Wonderland  party yesterday...I can't stop looking at the pictures...So glad i have a camera to capture those memories...Now....The tour continues...
Welcome to the Breakfast nook. The walls are brown like in the kitchen. Ceilings Aqua blue. The floor is the same as kitchen... Cobblestone in an Antique pattern.

I really love this white buffet...I love painted furniture.

When i lived in Southern France, we lived in a small white house with a Terracotta roof tile, like in this picture. We were on a hill facing another hill. My bedroom view was on the other hill, covered with Sunflower fields.....Oh so beautiful...France is covered with fields. We have our own agriculture and produces for the country, it includes farming too.

Yep, Zacky, you match my furniture...Looking good... LOL

I love the bench, although plan for a lot of room to move it to sit down.

I love toile. It is the theme for my kitchen and nook.

It is next to the kitchen... What you see, the green wall is the hall to the lockers if you go right. On the left  is the garage door.

This is my winter look on the buffet. Tomorrow is my spring makeover in the breakfast nook...:)


Rebecca Nelson said...

I use to have this exact table and chairs. I gave it to my daughter because it was just too large for our space...even with the leaf out. ;( I sure do miss it. Especially the bench!

Everything looks BEAUTIFUL!


Kelly said...

What a pretty nook! I love your colours (my living room is exactly the same colours!) I love the French sign too, how appropriate!
My boyfriend is taking me to Paris soon and I'll be keeping my eye out for some shabby, French goodies!

savvycityfarmer said...

oooooh ... i love the flooring

you're making me hungry for eggs!

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

What a beautiful space!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Very pretty. I love toile too.


Julie Harward said...

I sure do love your home, very beautiful. I think my walls are a bit darker brown but it's hard to tell. Thanks for sharing! :D

Blondie's Journal said...

I love the cabinet, because I too, love painted furniture. I like that the painting reminds you of home.

Your breakfast nook is nice, perfect for a family. And I love the toile fabric. Thanks for sharing, Frenchy.


Julie said...

You have a very beautiful kitchen and breakfast nook. Thank you for sharing.
I hope you had a great weekend. Tomorrow's a new week, to live and learn. YEAH!!!!
Take care and God Bless!!!

Debby said...


Libbie said...

Hey there-
I just popped over from Maggie's. I have never been to Fance but that little picture in your (gorgeous, by the way) kitchen makes me want to more than ever!!!! So nice to meet you & I hope to go back & look through some of your older posts when I have more time but I have a few more friends to catch up with tonight - so glad I stopped by! Thanks!

Tracy said...

Once again...LOVE it!! Love the colors and the toile!! Can't wait to see your Spring look!! :-)

Linda Carswell said... the saying goes.."you can take the girl out of France, but you can't take France out of the girl".....It all looks BEAUIFUL.

Regards, Linda the little white cupboard!

Jill said...

Love the furniture, the room looks beautiful.

Hugs RosieP x

Beki said...

What a lovely space and I loved joining you in your Alice tea party.
I've been patiently waiting to have one for my Birthday but that's not till the end of the year so now I think I might have to have an un Birthday tea party too.

Beki xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Your breakfast nooks is stunning! I love it!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma chèrie,
You home is lovely, and the Provençcal look is my absolute favorite. It is comfortable, elegant and rich all at the same time. HAVE A FUN DAY! Anita

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Beautiful nook! This Ozark farm chick's home is French country, at least I try! Heeehehe! It's a little hard when you smack in the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!

I popped over from Maggie's to say howdy and so glad I did.

Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

Ivy Jane Adison said...

Your home looks so warm and inviting. You've created a perfect get-together place. Everything flows with your French theme. Fantastic. Also, you sure keep a clean house. That says alot about a person, how they keep their house. Good Work!

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

absolutely beautiful and charming... I am so glad that I stumbled in! I am visiting by way of New Friend Friday at TGC and have become a follower. Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place one day this week! until later...

Seawashed said...

You must miss your lil white home in France. Will you ever post any pics of it? YOur Zacky is so darn cute! I just want to kiss him xo You decorate beautifully.

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