Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Instagram lately

I have some super cute pictures on Instagram. I love pics so it's a perfect place for me to hang out.
Giving you a sample of what I have been thinking and posting over there.
You can found me @isabellethornton

My word for 2015 is clean. Clean house, clean eating, clean thought (positive thoughts). Clean everything.

This year I want to reach for the stars. Focus on something that really makes me exited and go for it.

My Master bedroom window. First time in my life decorating my house for Christmas. Wreath on door and windows and lights on the bottom part. we will do the top next year.

It snowed on Christmas day. We had such a warm winter so far and it was like a little blessing from heaven. You can see the daybreak temple in the back.

Sleepy time. A binky, sippy cup, kitty and Mommy.

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Hanna said...

Ah...I always dream of a white's rare down here in the south, though.

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