Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Short Game Movie

I love to see kids passionate about activities in life. My 13 year old daughter plays soccer, my 10 year old son plays tackle football and my 6 year old daughter does gymnastics and flag football (yes she is a girl and plays flag football). Now if I could get them as passionate about their homework as they are about their sports then I would be even happier. The teamwork and discipline they learn in sports does carry over to homework and other areas of their life.

The Short Game shows the dedication and passion even young kids are capable of. I am really excited to see the movie when it comes out September 20th! Here is the movie trailer:

Here is a review of the film by Sweety High - Click here. By Isabelle Thornton

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Kelly L said...

When my girls were younger they LOVED homework - now that they are in high school and so many other things going on - it's hard to get them motivated.. Taking their phones away works... sometimes. lol
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