Friday, April 12, 2013

Pretty pictures from my cell phone

I have fun with my cell phone. I do a lot of blogging actually with it and I am always amazed of the quality and possibilities. I use Bonbon pic a lot for filters. Erasing imperfections and if it adds me 10 pounds, I use... "make me thin" filter. You can check what happened lately on my blog on my side bar for last month and this month...

Our trip to St George was so fun!
Great Features. I love fabric and those are perfect!
You are loved and Soleil's picture grabbing all the heart attack from my 12 year old on the wall was precious. 
My new button and chalkboard art class

We are pretty funny and sometimes I write down what we say. We had a great Easter hunt and day.
Paper craft projects are always fun and those are pretty easy I think. My fun beauty products giveaway. I just love makeup and all that. Makes me happy so I hope that you like to win those giveaways. Mimi and I started doing nails and I will do a post about all our designs. We are having fun. I love cupcakes so you will find a lot of them right now and baby because they are cute together...
I felt so blessed. I was on KSL 5 TV, the browser 5.0 for blog of the week. It was a little scary and my brain froze a little bit but I think I did good. But most of all it was a blast! Got some Easter Egger eggs from a friends. I love chickens and those fresh and beautiful green eggs were such a treat for me. General conference was awesome. Always hard to keep the kids in front of the TV and I was not ready with games to make them interested. I won't forget next time. Zacky got a hair cut. He always looks like a new dog and Soleil was very intrigued by this new "Chihuahua ". Priceless. The poor dog is cold but he doesn't look like a pillow and can actually see where he is going and runs through the house...LOL

 You can see the braid and cheetah Technic above. I think we are addicted and I just made a cheetah tutorial, check tomorrow. Sweet recipes at the latest link party. In detail of what I wore on TV. My girl turned 6 and she had a cat in the hat party, Coming soon on the blog of course. I just launched a huge Giveaway for my new App celebration. Hope you entered :)
I am a little back to reply to all comments but I will visit soon.
Isabelle Thornton


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Sometimes CELL Photos are great!
Thanks for sharing these...They are joyful!

Elizabeth Edwards said...

i love sharing pics on my cell phone. great post. hopping over from My So Called Chaos. you have a great week. ( :

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