Thursday, October 18, 2012

Appygraph App Review, card creator

Halloween has to be my favorite holiday. Maybe it is my love of the fall leaves and pumpkin pie or maybe it is my love of zombies??? No, it has to be the cute kid Halloween costumes! I have 4 little monsters to dress up this year and found a must have app for sending cute Halloween cards for the trick or treat holiday.
The app is called Appygraph. Here are some screenshots of my custom card creations:

The app allows you to select pics from your phone or take a new pic to insert in the cards. You can resize, add custom text, email the finished cards or post to Facebook. As a mom, we go to all the effort of Halloween makeup for a single night. This app makes it easy to capture precious memories like this and save them in beautifully designed card formats. This is one of the easiest, well designed and cute apps built exactly for Mommy Bloggers like me. 
Appygraph also has a collection of cards for each of the Holidays including Christmas and Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. This app is a staple for year round use. Download the app directly here:


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Unknown said...

I love the cards!! Good pick!

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Its awesome!!I love this card.
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