Saturday, April 30, 2011

Breast cancer awareness pink tulips

I had a super busy week...I was looking to today to go do some fun outside things with the kids...I woke up to 2 inches of snow...

On the other hand...The pink tulips i planted last Fall are blooming...They are pink tulips to support breast cancer awareness. Part of the profits went to the foundation.

It is cold...But this morning these pink tulips warmed my heart and gives us hope.

Happy week end ! rain, snow or shine !

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Award and Party

I am having a blog hop on May 1st ! Link your best projects, best craft, best recipe, best DIY, best home decor and best outfit! for a chance to have it Featured on my side bar for 1 month !
You can also link French inspired posts, but this time i will include everybody !

I will also have a giveaway ! Win a $25 Target gift card !
See you on the 1st !

The crafty Chrystal blog Gave me a Stylish blogger award.
The rule is simple. Pass it to 5 to 10 blogs and tell them you are talking about them and share 5 things about you.

  1. I love gardening...If i can't sometimes it hurts.
  2. I love shoes but don't have a lot. Platforms are my fav.
  3. I select the people i look up too very carefully. It is not because someone is famous that they are good people and worth you attention.
  4. There is always better than me, taller and prettier. Who cares. I just do things, i am myself and i am happy.
  5. I should have been born by the sea. I am a fish. I could swim all day and live in the sun.

Passing it down to :

The French Hutch
Busy as a bee in Paris
1 at play
French Farmhouse 425
Pink Hippo boutique

Have a super day !!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Water for Elephants movie review and Vintage circus Fashion

I have to say...I am a big fan of Robert Pattisson and Reese witherspoon.
They did very good acting in this movie.
If you love Vintage you will love Reese outfits and hair.
The Circus wagons had me in WOW. I love the animals and tricks.
The story was very intriguing to me...The Circus life...I remember an old French saying...Running away to join a Circus...Maybe it was not so much of a joke at that time.

Here are some Circus fashion inspiration. They are my last family pictures from Alecia Dawn Photography taken in Richfield, Utah.

Hubby and boy
Suspenders from Walmart
Hats from an Halloween store

Tutus from Walmart at Halloween time
Shoes from Payless shoes

Joey shoes at Ross

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cherry tree blossoms fashion inspiration

I was inspired by the beautiful Weeping cherry tree in front of the house. I placed a bench there.

I love the flowers on the side...

This Romwe colorfull sweety flower ring is $9.90 with free shipping.
it looks like a Cherry tree blossom. My new favorite !

I still have more tulips ready to bloom..can't wait !

Happy Monday !
Thanks so much for voting for me the last few days ! You rock !

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Babins - The language of love

I wanted to share this cute video from my Friend in Paris Busy as a bee in Paris.
Happy Easter !!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am a finalist at Hypeed for Birds of a feather !

I just find out that my picture Military pink is a finalist on hypeed for Bird of a feather...Sometimes just the right accessory makes an outfit ! This head band does.
Please vote for me !!! You know i would do the same for you !

Drugstore Pick: 50 Ways to Use Vaseline in Under 2 Minutes!

Just saw this on April's life style show...Pretty fun !

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Very cheap and so pretty Butterfly Cake stand DIY

I was face with a problem...At least one to me...I had a super pretty cake but no cake stand to match or look good with it...I made one myself...

I got a Butterfly bowl and matching plate at Target for $7. In stores right now.
I used plastic glue to attach the bowl upside down to the bottom of plate.
No kidding, it looks amazing !

Ta da !!!
Ideas like this make me happy :)

Then to match the theme...

Paper plates from Target again...

You can find little tea cups like this in a thrift store. 
use your tea cups and attach those little butterflies from Hobby lobby on them...My 4 year old though it was so fun to drink out of them !

girl dress from Target.

Bonne journee !

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A quick change to going out outfit and the adjustment bureau movie

I liked this movie on our date a lot. Great thriller. The chemistry and love story between the two was amazing. Although i could argue the "free agency" line in the movie. I find it interesting and a great conversation topic.
Fun. Fun.

So going on a date with hubby...I find myself not wanting to dress up. I just put on some red lipstick and strappy wedges...It worked.
It is still casual in my book. The shoes are super comfortable and i love to be taller. I love the polka dot shirt with the fun ruffling on the shoulders. I made a cuff to the bottom of my skinny jeans. The thread color matched my shoes. Even better !!

The trees are flowering...

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