Wednesday, December 30, 2009

French wedding cake

This is what we have at weddings...a wedding cake . The guests get a piece of it and we do not save the top in the freezer like in the states. It is usually decorated with sugar flowers too. I remember a wedding when i was a kid...the cake was at least 3 feet...taller than me at the time. It is put together with hard caramel and doesn't last a long time.
I used cream puffs from the store....Anyone can do it!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

pirate ship birthday cake

I made the Pirate ship cake....I stacked 4 layers of cake, froze it as i went to be able to carve the ship shape. I made at first the cake tilted like they said on the site and it collapse at the end...No way!!!! Stack it up and cut it to shape, make sure it is frozen.

I covered the cake with chocolate icing and made lines with a fork....The canons and front of ships are hazelnuts wafers....I diged a little in the ones where i placed the candles, so the cookie would not crumble. Dig also with a knife to push the wafers in ship.
I used big skewers for the sailing wind....Black paper cut into trapezes and folded where i wanted them to bind. Peanut butter cup, on the tallest one....See picture...The canon balls are malt balls....

The candles were sparkling looked like the canons were firring...Big hit! 
I purchased online my boy's pirate costume and surprised him with it on his birthday party...He had to wear it and was so thrilled.....Plan early for your Party to be able to buy a costume for your child....After Halloween are the best deal...You can find also fantastic deals online....

Then, we all went to Pirate Island HERE.

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